Potentiometer with Detent (PWS-25)

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  • Potentiometer with detent (PWS-25) is a conductive plastic potentiometer with center on off switch.
  • PWS-25 is available in two standard ohmic values 5k ohms and 10k ohms with a center tac-tile switch makes it a compact solution for several applications.
  • PWS-25 is a conductive plastic potentiometer and hence has a extremely long life.
  • PWS-25 is available with a single turn or endless without stop version.


For best performance of PWS-25 below points needs to be taken into consideration.
1)The hole in the panel should not be more than 9.5mm.
2) PWS-25 should be mounted with Star washer given along with the product and perpendicularity between the

Electrical Characteristics.

Parameters Result
Resistance Element Conductive Plastic
Resistance Range 5k ohms or 10k ohms ( Other on request)
Total resistance tolerance. +/- 20%
End Resistance +/- 2%
Resolution Infinite
Dielectric Strength Min. 1000VAC for 1 minute
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance ± 500 ppm/˚C
Effective Electrical Angle 300 deg
Maximum Distortion in Ohmic value when Switch is pressed +/-0.5%
Switch Current Carrying capacity 10mA @ 5Vdc
Potentiometer Current Carrying Capacity 10mA

Ordering Information

PWS-25- Resistance Range - Endless / With Stop - Any other Info
For Example: PWS-25-10k ohms - Endless

Mechanical Drawing

Parameters Result
Mechanical Life 1 Lakh Cycles
Mechanical Angle 360 Deg (endless) or 330 Deg(with stop)
Switch Motion 0.1mm
Housing Material PBT
Shaft Material Brass