DC control Card (DCMDC)

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  • DCMDC is a LED dimming card.
  • This card is based on the ideal principle of speed control of a DC System based on chopping. Hence use of this card allows the system to have a smooth regulation of illuminations.
  • DCMDC is combination of a wire wound potentiometer along with a electronic card with special coating to sustain in dusty and high temperature atmosphere.
  • In an extremely compact size of 40 X 40mm card and with a wattage rating upto 40 watt with maximum voltage input rating being 24Vdc it is ideal product to use it in a any small instrument or large panels.
  • With DC input from Adaptor or SMPS this card is even well suited for dimming of LED illumination systems.

Input voltage range 6-24Vdc
Current consumption of the card 500 mA
Maximum Output current 5Amps
Maximum wattage 40 watt