Rotary Switch (RSW-26)

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  • Rotary Switch (RSW-26) Works on the Principle of "MAKE BEFORE BRAKE".
  • RSW-26 is a high grade industrial selector switch for wide varied application.
  • RSW-26 is Panel and PCB mount rotary switch for very low current consumption application with such as decade box, Fan regulator, Battery charger and many others.
  • RSW-26 is premium quality product considering the easy soldering of legs, Hard motion of switch, special engineering behind no discontinuity.
  • RSW-26 is manufactured using Engineering plastic.
  • This product is having a USP of changing the lock.To elaborate a 1 Pole 12 way switch can be used for 1 pole 6 way or any number of ways less than 12.


FoRSW-26 have two types of mounting. Panel mount and PCB Mount.
For PCB mount please refer the Footprint drawing and ensure no bending in pole pins or way pins.
For Panel Mount M10 Bush is used along with Nut Washer assembly

Ordering Information


Configuration 1Pole 12 ways // 2 Pole 6 ways //3 Poles 4 ways // 4 Poles 3 ways
Step angle 30 deg
Maximum Rotation Angle Total number of ways used X 30 deg
Terminal Material Cu-Zn, Tin Plated standard, Silver / Gold Plated on request
Wiper Material Special Engineering Material
Body / Spindle Material Poly carbonate or PBT
Torque -


Contact Resistance <50m Ohms
Switching Current 0.5 Amp. at 28 VDC / 0.125 Amp. at 230 VAC
Current Carrying Capacity 2 Amp. (Non switching)
Working Voltage l 300 VAC (Max)
Electrical Breakdown Voltage > 1000 VAC for 1 min. at Sea level
Insulation Resistance @ 500 VDC > 3000 Mega ohms (between any two terminals)
Operating Temp. Range 20° to + 90° C