Flexible Coupler (FC-22)

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  • Flexible Coupler FC-22 Molded from high end engineering plastic under specific atmospheric and moulding condition to have a good quality of flexibility.
  • As a part of service to electronic automation industry,POTEL has developed plastic molded flexible coupler ideally suited for low torque coupling of drives & encoder.
  • Since the Product is based on Contactless Hall's effect Technology it has very long life.
  • Since FC-22 is a engineering plastic molded part it is ideally suited for food / pharmaceutical industry and areas requiring electrical isolation.
  • Model FC-22 is designed with high flexibility and lower twistto take care of misalignment.


  • Customization in the FC-22 model is possible based on the Quantity and feasibility.
  • We even support the requirement of Alluminum metal flexible Coupler.