Speed and Direction Sensor (GTS-DO)

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  • Speed and Direction sensor is based on magnetic Hall's effect Technology.
  • GTS-DO is Dual Output Magnetic Proximity sensor such that channel A lags or leads Channel B if used along with a gear wheel.
  • The signal of the channel goes high with leading edge of tooth and goes low on trailing edge of the gear.
  • GTS-DO is used to detect the direction as well as speed using a gear wheel. Hence we can consider that GTS-DO along with Agear wheel can simply replace a Optical encoder.
  • The main USP of the Product is it is IP67 protected with Extremely High speed functional capability upto 15kHz and upto zero speed on lower end .

Functional Block Diagram

Input Voltage External Pull up resistor
5Vdc 1k ohms
12Vdc 2k5 ohms
15Vdc 3k5 ohms
24Vdc 3k5 ohms

Electrical Characteristics

Operating Voltage range 5 to 24Vdc
Maximum input voltage 30Vdc
Maximum Reverse voltage 24Vdc
Supply current 13mA
Output current 25mA
Output Signal NPN open collector Push pull version shortly (Senses only Ferrous material) .
Output frequency Maximum 15kHz
Load Resistance As per chart

Environmental and Mechanical Characteristics

Vibration 15g max from 40Hz to 2K hz
Operating Temperature 40 C to 140 C
Storage Temperature -40 C to 150 C
Protection Class Ip67
Operating Air Gap 1.5mm
Material Engineering Plastic Brass Metal Housing (Standard) S.S on request.
  • For sensor Best performance we recommend minimum target width of 2.5mm. However smaller dimension target may work but depends on the application and sensor precise mounting.
  • This sensor only detect ferrous / magnetic material.
  • Sensor performance also depends on the air gap between the sensor sensing surface and the target.
  • Sensor is available with inbuilt water sealed connector.